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Our Rental Terms and Conditions:

  1. The customer is fully responsible for the rented equipment. The hirer hands over the rented item to the customer in a faultless and properly maintained state. The customer must check this and report any faults they may discover. Handing over the rented equipment to a third party is not allowed.
  2. The use of the rented item takes place at the customer's own risk. The hirer does not assume any liability for people, bad weather conditions (e.g. lack of snow), damages to objects or assets that are caused by using the rented item.
  3. The rental price is to be paid at the beginning. The customer must present their official photo ID and agrees to the making of a copy or filling in the personal data on the rental contract. Giving something in pledge is not an acceptable way to pay.
  4. Every customer is responsible for correctly returning the rented items and is liable up to the sale value of the item. There is the possibility to take out insurance for damage or theft; otherwise the customer is liable for the current value of the item or the repair costs, respectively. In case of failing to return the rented item for whatever reason, the hirer will automatically file a charge of theft on the 7th day after they are due.
  5. In case of theft, the police and the hirer must be informed within 24 h.
  6. Refunds are made exclusively in case of illness or accident, upon presentation a medical report, and after deduction of a cancellation fee.
  7. For rentals made after 15:00, the price will be calculated from the following day onwards.
  8. The customer has to make sure that a mix-up or theft is prevented. Ideally, the rented item is stored in a locked ski room or car during the night.
  9. By signing the address form, the customer confirms the correctness of their data, which is used for a professional binding adjustment. The customer is not permitted to adjust the binding themselves.
  10. If the rented item is not returned on time, the customer has to accept that a charge of theft will be filed.

Our Terms and Conditions for the Ski & Snowboard School Horberg:

  1. The Ski & Snowboard School Horberg does not assume any liability for accidents that take place before, during, or after ski lessons. Taking out accident and liability insurance is the responsibility of the course participants. Refunds for illness or injuries are only made upon presentation of a medical report.
  2. Course cancellations due to bad weather or lift stoppages are not refunded. The course ticket is non-transferable. Unused course days expire. If a group is reduced to less than 4 participants, we reserve the right ton combine it with another group or shorten the course times.
  3. These Terms & Conditions apply to all deliveries and services provided by the ski school that are booked online via the internet or other online services.
  4. The course subscription does not contain use of the ski lifts! A prolongation of the course at the prolongation rate is possible after the 3rd course day.

Place of fulfilment: the location of the main office of Sport Schiestl – Ski School Horberg - Ski Rental.

In case of disputes, the competent court is the court whose jurisdiction includes the main office of Sport Schiestl/Ski School Horberg/Ski Rental. Austrian laws apply. The contract language is German.

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